Now more than ever there is a need for conservation easements within California because of ongoing degradation, urbanization, clear cutting and loss of habitat to ecosystems due to wildfires. The Jacoby Creek Land Trust (JCLT) is in need of a restoration and conservation plan regarding constructed off-channel ponds along Jacoby Creek. One of the ponds is flourishing and supporting different types of fishes during their migration. The other pond, our project location, is struggling to meet the JCLT’s project objectives. The pond is overgrown with European grasses due to the surrounding grazing land and has yet to see the pond's potential. There has been little to no maintenance in regards to this area, thus there is work to be done.

The JCLT recently received a five-year grant to restore the off-channel pond and the adjacent riparian habitat. Within this report, we focus solely on the off-channel location. We recommend ways to address various problems in the site by providing the Land Trust with a management plan to help them meet their goals for the off-channel pond to serve a multitude of functions. These recommendations include brief flash grazing of the site, accessibility to the public for recreational use, habitat enhancement, and addition of pollinator-friendly vegetation.


Fall 2020


Environmental Science and Management


Ecological Restoration

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