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Welcome to a digital magazine about community engaged learning at Cal Poly Humboldt and stories of service in Humboldt County. Every year around a thousand students serve in the community or work on projects that benefit our local community, enhancing our college experience in the process. These are some of the best, untold stories of our time here together.

We invite you to share your story. If you are wondering if your experience is what we are hoping for, please send it in, it probably is.

Submit by clicking HERE, or the "Submit Work" button on the left-side menu, and then the pink button on the top of the following page. Please send all inquiries to Kelly Fortner at kelly.fortner@humboldt.edu.

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Current Volume: Volume 3 (2021) Redwood Roots Magazine, Fall 2021

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"The overall goal of this issue is to continue to spread awareness and provide insight into what the community is doing to better serve those in their area. The pandemic is still very evident, and so is the need to acknowledge the efforts of those on the frontlines of community-based work. This issue will serve as a reminder that although challenges arose during this time, so has the hunger to be of service in new ways." --Redwood Roots Staff


Finding Community on Campus: HSU Library
Leo R. Kepcke, Kelly Fortner, and Aaron Laughlin


True North: Charting A New Tomorrow
Shiara Naicker and Stacy Becker