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Welcome to a digital magazine about community engaged learning at Cal Poly Humboldt and stories of service in Humboldt County. Every year around a thousand students serve in the community or work on projects that benefit our local community, enhancing our college experience in the process. These are some of the best, untold stories of our time here together.

We invite you to share your story. If you are wondering if your experience is what we are hoping for, please send it in, it probably is.

Submit by clicking HERE, or the "Submit Work" button on the left-side menu, and then the pink button on the top of the following page. Please send all inquiries to Kelly Fortner at kelly.fortner@humboldt.edu.

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Current Volume: Volume 3 (2022) Redwood Roots Magazine, Spring 2022

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"Volume 3, Issue 2 of Redwood Roots Digital Magazine features stories of people who value community-based learning just as much as we do. We sought out community members, faculty, and students who are active agents of change on campus and in our communities and encouraged them to empower one another through sharing their stories. In this edition, we highlight people and organizations, both on and off campus. Learn how the team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast in Humboldt cultivate a better future for our next generation; let us introduce you to the exciting HSQCast and their goal to highlight community-powered approaches to share stories. Read about professors in the School of Education and their commitment to making better teachers for our communities. Additionally, there are several articles about faculty, students, and community members who have created better environments for their peers and our community. At Redwood Roots we want to uplift students, staff, and faculty who dedicate their time to go above and beyond for their peers through Cal Poly Humboldt." --Redwood Roots Staff