Redwood Roots Digital Magazine

Purpose and Values


Redwood Roots’ purpose is to provide a platform that highlights and shares stories of Cal Poly Humboldt’s community engagement in Humboldt County and beyond. We publish stories that promote deep and enriching connections through learning, to enhance inclusivity and social and environmental justice efforts within the community.


  1. Redwood Roots is a community platform that serves to provide a direct, diverse, and transparent narrative that further encourages communal collaborations between students, alumni, faculty, and community partners.
  2. Redwood Roots highlight the diverse approaches Cal Poly Humboldt students engage in by combining learning objectives with community service, providing enriched experiences for personal and professional growth, and meeting the local needs of different communities.
  3. Redwood Roots shares stories promoting the welfare of others through an intersectional lens that creates lasting change, with acknowledgment and respect to the past.