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The introduction of Place Based Learning Communities (PBLCs) at HSU in 2015 has become an increasingly discussed topic throughout the university. We use the term “Learning Community” in its strictest sense - a curricular approach to education that intentionally links a cluster of courses around an interdisciplinary theme and enrolls a common cohort of students. The production of higher GPAs and retention and significant achievement gap closure among the HSU PBLC cohorts is undeniable.

All components are comprehensive in the fact that they build a sense of community, belonging, and accountability within the students which serve as factors for higher retention and academic success. Each class, event, study session, field trip, and staff and faculty member are all parts of what make PBLC such a success. There are many components that need to be established and collaborations that need to be formed in order to make student achievement possible. In this manual, you will read what these components and collaborations look like and upon conclusion you will understand what goes into creating a successful Place Based Learning Community.