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Jessica Welch


Victoria Bruner, Jessica Citti, Cheryl Conner, Bernard Fosnaugh, Gabby Fuentes, Brianne Hagen, Su Karl, Gabriela Lara, Carly Marino, Tim Miller, Kyle Morgan, Sarah Fay Philips, Garrett Purchio, Cyril Oberlander, Noelle Simon, Megan Ueland, Kumi Watanabe-Schock, Jessica Welch, Keelye Wilson


Issue 4

  • New Publications from the HSU Press
  • Humboldt Scholars Lab for HSU Research Opens
  • Digital Media Lab Opening
  • New & Improved Math Tutoring Lab
  • Write on the First Floor
  • Students are Talking
  • Unpacking & Exploring White Privilege
  • Relax & Gain Focus at the Brain Booth
  • L4 HSU Creates Campus Connections


Library and Information Science

Publication Date

Fall 2016

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