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As the field of strength and conditioning grows larger, so does the understanding of the importance of a well-designed strength and conditioning program. With this growth, the emergence of new modes of exercise such as the Rogue Echo Bike create the opportunity for strength and conditioning coaches to utilize these new modes in training protocols to assess and improve aerobic fitness.The purpose of this study is to determine whether a proprietary prediction equation utilizing data from a 6-minute bike protocol will be able to reliably assess Vo2 Maximum values in Division II and recreational female athletes.This study utilizes a 6-minute submaximal bike test in which each participant will be instructed to maintain their maximal average RPM in a 6-minute time trial. Vo2 Max will be directly measured during the protocol in conjunction with heart rate, RPM, average wattage, and peak wattage. A two-way ANOVA analysis will be used to examine the strength of correlation between the predicted and directly measured values.