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Publication Date

Spring 2-16-2020


Strong teamwork is important in many areas of society. Soccer, in particular, is one area where teamwork is critical to performing well and achieving a high score. The goal here was to analyze the data from the Huskies soccer team to determine what affected the team’s success, such as the number of passes, who was playing, and who was coaching.

To analyze the given data, it was extracted into both Mathematica and Python. A Monte Carlo simulation, coded in Python, was applied to analyze wins, ties, and losses for each coach. The results show that the Huskies generally won more games when coached by coach 3.

This model was not able to account for everything, though. Factors such as an individual's amount of sleep he or she got, or what the morale of the team is, also influences the outcome of a game.

We also understand that an overall look at a team is not enough, rather the time needs to be spent to statistically analyze every players data file from the Huskies in order play to each individuals strengths and better the team as a whole

Based on this, we were able to make some recommendations to the coaches for the Huskies.