RAMP Up Your Courage 2021

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Spring 2021


College of Professional Studies


Social Work

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RAMP Up Your Courage (RUYC) events were facilitated by peer mentors employed by the First-Year Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (FY-RAMP) and the Major Based Peer Mentoring - Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (MBPM-RAMP). It takes courage to explore academic identities. RUYC was intended to empower students to examine emerging academic identities by connecting them with the MBPM mentors of the same major. By leveraging existing relationships between FY-RAMP and the freshmen whom they serve, as well as partnering FY-RAMP with MBPM-RAMP for the presentations, a bridge was built between the two mentoring programs, benefitting both mentors and students they serve.