Germination and Survival in Knobcone Pine Seedlings in a Common Garden Experiment at Schatz Demonstration Tree Farm

Publication Date

Spring 2021


College of Natural Resources & Sciences


Forestry & Wildland Resources / Environmental Science

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This study examines knobcone pine (Pinus attenuata) germination success from stratification to transplanting into a common garden at the Schatz Demonstration Tree Farm. Seeds were sown in containers in the greenhouse after three week of cold stratification and transplanted to garden beds a month later. Of 840 seeds sown, 538 were germinated (64%). 256 seedlings were outplanted and 192 of these survived (75%±15). The seedlings grew to an average height of 7.5 cm ± 2 cm. Our findings are part of a larger study to understand the water requirements for the survival of tree germinants in a Mediterranean climate.

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