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‘Reflective Perspectives’ is a personal tribute to glass. After working in glass for over 20 years creating functional sculpted objects, I decided it was time to take a break and complete my BFA in sculpture. Influenced heavily from my sculptor parents, I sought to learn their craft and focus my art practice to combine metals with hollow glass sculpture. Taking a mold from my face frozen in the expression I make while blowing glass. Each bubble represents the constant influx of ideas for glass that flowed and formed in my brain throughout the years. Each idea started out as a spark of imagination. Some came to life, finding their way out into their final forms from my breath, in glass while others await realization in the future. Glass has consumed my mind for so long the transition out of the daily interactions with the medium turned out to be far more challenging than I expected but yielded invaluable time for development of my art practice. Cast in bronze, polished, patinaed, and then affixed with the glass elements, this piece represents my admiration for glass as a medium and a catalyst for my imagination. The color choice for the glass reflects the hue which I find most calming when life gets crazy and often use to facilitate personal level keel, a sort of mental centering purple. Hidden to the naked eye are the layers of ultraviolet pink color which coats this purple and comes to life under the black light, insinuating the hidden elements of my own imagination, reflected.

Borosilicate glass, bronze, patina.


Self portrait of artist.

Hidden ultraviolet pink color layered atop glass elements.




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