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Peer Reviewers

The service of peer-reviewers is vital to strengthening the validity, effectiveness and appropriateness of the texts that make up ideaFest Journal. Thanks to peer reviewers, ideaFest Journal is able to successfully publish high-quality articles and give authors the experience of incorporating professional critiques into their work. This page will provide general guidelines and information for potential reviewers, and the relevant rubrics reviewers will be expected to complete.


ideaFest Journal utilizes a double-blind peer-review process; the authors are anonymous to reviewers and reviewers are anonymous to authors. Once the review is complete, a copy of the reviewer’s comments will be anonymously provided to the author to make their revisions. ideaFest does not reject manuscripts that have been sent out for review. Authors will have the chance to incorporate the recommended reviews into their manuscript and if the revisions are considerable and are not feasible to implement by the revision deadline, authors can resubmit their paper next year. The goal of our process is for reviewers to help authors publish the highest quality work possible.


  • Read the article carefully and provide constructive feedback to the author(s) and editor. Hone in on key points and add valuable perspectives and suggestions.
  • Specificity is good but do not overly critique minutiae. Be helpful to the author by signifying directions for potential change.
  • If there are spelling and grammar errors provide some examples but do not feel the need to correct the entire paper, there are editors who will focus on this. The most critical element will be the summary/conclusions of your review of the article.
  • Feel free to express praise where applicable.
  • Recommendations should be addressed only to the editors via the evaluation rubric.
  • Keep the review anonymous by not providing any information about yourself to anyone but the editors.
  • Do not share, reproduce, distribute or cite the article under review.
  • Rubrics

    Evaluation Rubric Humanities/Social Sciences

    Evaluation Rubric Sciences