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This plan (study) presents a framework for developing sea level rise adaptation strategies within the highly vulnerable Eureka Slough hydrographic area of Humboldt Bay. The purpose of the study was to work with public agencies, landowners, scientists, and stakeholders to better understand the specific flood risks to the transportation infrastructure and other critical resources within the study area and to identify viable adaptation measures in the near-term planning horizon (now through mid-century) for the most at-risk locations. A primary focus of the study was to develop a scenario-based planning approach for understanding the range of possible impacts and consequences resulting from tidal and fluvial flood hazards under current conditions and with future sea level rise. This approach included detailed hydraulic analysis and an evaluation of the anticipated response of the coastal landscape to various flooding events. The plan is intended to help advance the collective understanding of flood risks and improve the readiness for implementing effective sea level rise adaptation projects. This plan is a technical resource for ongoing planning and adaptation efforts but is not a decision document and does not represent a commitment to implement the project concepts discussed in the plan.