Graduation Date

Spring 2024

Document Type



Master of Arts degree with a major in Education

Committee Chair Name

Tristan Gleason

Committee Chair Affiliation

HSU Faculty or Staff


Petro-pedagogy, Critical discourse analysis, Climate change education


Petro-pedagogy highlights the pervasive influence of the fossil fuel industry within educational frameworks. This phenomenon operates subtly, manifesting in educational content's biases, omissions, and prioritizations. Focused on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this research employs Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) to scrutinize educational directives through a Petro-pedagogical lens. The study aims to unveil the language, power dynamics, and ideological constructs perpetuating fossil-fuel narratives within educational discourse through this lens. The study's significance lies in revealing concealed power structures within environmental and climate change education. The study uses critical discourse analysis to reveal pervasive Petro-pedagogical influences within EPA and NOAA educational guidelines. Notably, around 45% of EPA and nearly 20% of NOAA guidelines depict humans as separate from the environment, hindering effective climate action. Additionally, over 10% of EPA and almost 40% of NOAA guidelines are vague, posing further obstacles to meaningful climate initiatives. A significant portion of both agencies' guidelines also emphasize individual actions, aligning with Petro-pedagogical strategies.



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