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Spring 2024

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Education

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Dr. Tristan Gleason

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Dr. Marisol Ruiz Gonzalez

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Teacher induction, Teacher education, Professional development, Mentoring, Mentorship

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The teacher induction program is a 2-year program designed to support new teachers in their first two years of teaching. The program was created to provide job-embedded support to set teaching goals, attend professional learning to increase understanding of the California standards for the Teaching Profession, and provide teacher mentor support. In more recent years with the decline in enrollment of teacher preparation programs, teachers leaving the profession, and teachers retiring, there has been a great need for training and retaining highly qualified teachers. Higher turnover among underprepared teachers in California, are seeing close to 40% of new teachers hired on permits or waivers leaving teaching altogether by the end of their third year. While teacher candidates are entering the classrooms underprepared, programs have been created to support teachers, and are required for all teachers to receive a clear teaching credential. This case study aims to explore the experience of early educators currently enrolled in the North Coast Teacher Induction Program (NCTIP) and will showcase the importance of the role of their mentor teacher. The findings of this case study indicate the role of a mentor teacher during the first few years of teaching is not only integral but an essential component of the induction program.

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Appendix B: Raw survey data



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