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Spring 2024

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Psychology, option Academic Research

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Amber Gaffney

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Amanda Hahn

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HSU Faculty or Staff

Third Committee Member Name

Stephanie Souter

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HSU Faculty or Staff


Social identity theory, Prototypicality, Cognitive fatigue, Democrats, Republicans, Elaboration likelihood model, Social psychology

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Both cognitive fatigue and group membership impact how individuals respond to persuasive messaging. Cognitively demanding tasks cause mental fatigue, lessening the ability to effortfully consider persuasive messaging and increasing the likelihood of making automatic decisions based on heuristics (Schmeichel et al., 2003). Additionally, self-perception of prototypicality (i.e., level of group membership) impacts motivation to identify with and engage in group normative behavior (Hohman et al., 2017). This research project aimed to further the understanding of how prototypicality and cognitive fatigue interact and come to impact attitude and the effortful elaboration of persuasive messaging.


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