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Spring 2024

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Master of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology

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Jill Anderson

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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David Adams


Exergaming, Virtual reality gaming, Kinect, Wii-Fit, Active video games, Physical education, Education, Adapted physical education, Physical activity, Adapted physical activity, Exercise

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While research on VR gaming and Exergaming is in its infancy, both are interventions that have demonstrated positive results such as promoting physical activity participation and positive attitudes towards physical activity in children and adolescents. Exergaming has also been shown to be effective in increasing physical activity in children, and children with disabilities may find exergaming to be an enjoyable alternative to traditional physical activity due to increased accessibility and the focus on both gross and fine motor skills. In studies of VR and/or exergaming with participants with cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder, researchers reported increases in motor function (e.g., fine motor skills, coordination, balance) and cognitive functioning (e.g., communication, attention span, social responsiveness). Due to the benefits of VR/exergaming that have been demonstrated through research, the purpose of the current investigation is to determine the effectiveness of VR/exergaming on skill and health-related fitness outcomes for disabled populations. A secondary purpose is to conduct moderator analyses to explain the variability between categorical or demographic variables.

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