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Spring 2024

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Public Sociology

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Mary Virnoche

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Caglar Dolek

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HSU Faculty or Staff


Holistic education, Education, Educators, Teachers, K-12, Professional development, SEL, Social-emotional learning, Whole child

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In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the federal government must explicitly consider holistic approaches to education as essential for the well-being and future of students in public schools. Holistic education, which extends beyond traditional academics to nurture the 'whole child,' has garnered substantial support in the literature for its positive impact on academic performance, behavior, and student well-being. This research explores educator perspectives on holistic education in a K-12 California school district. By surveying teachers, counselors, school social workers, and principals within this district, I assess their awareness concerning structural levels, available resources, and implementation capabilities related to holistic education. I found that when teachers are provided with adequate resources and training, they are more likely to utilize holistic approaches to education. Despite resource limitations, educators reported high levels of holistic education implementation. These levels of implementation evidence educator resourcefulness and commitment. This research aimed to affirm educator perspectives on holistic approaches and locate the outcomes within existing literature on teacher experiences with implementing new programs. To this extent, the work also highlights obstacles they face in translating these perspectives into practice. Findings may inform policy and curriculum development, contributing to advancing holistic education practices in school districts nationwide.

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