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Spring 2024

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Master of Arts degree with a major in English, emphasis in Applied English Studies

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Andrea Delgado

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Natalie Giannini

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HasanAbi, Hasan Piker, Memetics, Leftist digital communities, Twitch, YouTube, Digital affinity spaces, Threshold concepts, Self-care, Abolitionist feminism, Utopian futurity, Community, Translingualism

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This project is designed to explore what methods and theories of how we learn can tell us about what is occurring in leftist digital affinity spaces. My focus is the HasanAbi community, an online collective built around Twitch streamer Hasan Piker. I will examine the way YouTubers create memetic systems using an understanding of semiotics and translingualism. Based on my own experiences with digital community, and inspired by Linda Adler-Kassner, and Elizabeth Wardle’s discussion of Threshold Concepts in Naming What We Know, I’ve created five of my own Threshold Concepts for Leftist Community and crafted a video for each. In these videos I perform, discuss and analyze the relevant literature, conceptual frameworks, theories, values, assumptions and language (and sometimes emotes) that contribute to each Threshold Concept; Video #1 Bodies at the Problem, Video #2 Speaking My Peace, Video #3 People Gotta Eat, Video #4 Sustainability, and the final video, Video #5 Master’s Tools, Master’s House, in which I explain how each of these videos contribute to what I call the Abolitionist Classroom – a classroom that is not tied to any institution, but rather is guided by what we know and what we want to achieve in the world.


This is the playlist for the five videos:

This playlist is also linked in the project.

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