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Master of Science degree with a major in Biology

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Dr. Paul Bourdeau

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Agriculture, Climate, Food production, Environmental impacts, Biosphere, Climate change, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Carbon, Water impacts, Implications, Human impact, Food, Fertilizer, Water use, Irrigation

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This project explores the pathways by which agriculture affects the environment and determines which foods have the greatest climate, water, and land impacts. Agricultural effects on the environment are extensive, from loss of habitat and declines in regional biodiversity to disruption of global nutrient cycles and climate change. Global food production accounts for 26-34% of annual anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, makes up 38-46% of habitable land, and is responsible for 70% of freshwater extraction. The effect of agriculture on the environment is most significantly dictated by what type of food is being produced. Animal-based food products consistently have the highest impact on water, land, and climate; whereas plant-based foods consistently have the least. This means that the most effective method to limiting food-related environmental impacts is to prioritize plant-based food consumption and limit animal-based foods, particularly ruminant (red) meat and dairy.

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