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Fall 2023

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Master of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology, option Exercise Science

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Eli Lankford

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Justus Ortega

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Taylor Bloedon

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Concussion, Soccer, Collegiate Soccer player, Soccer position, Logistic regression

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Limiting the incidence of concussions has become a foremost concern among collegiate athletes and coaches. This study aimed to determine if the soccer position played, and minutes played during a game predict the incident of concussion among college soccer players. If concussion risk can be predicted, it may lead to mitigating actions to minimize risks. Data from 208 male and female soccer players from the North Coast Concussion Program (NCCP) were assessed to predict the incidence of concussion based on total minutes played and position(s) played. A logistic regression analysis and predictive modeling technique were used to determine whether the predictor variables (minutes played, position played) were significantly related to the incidence of concussion. The model demonstrated significance (p≤0.001) in predicting the incidence of concussion with an R2=0.028. Individually, neither minutes played (p=0.188), nor positions (goalkeeper p=0.728, defender p=0.777, midfield p=0.447, forward p=0.829, multiple positions p=0.183) significantly contributed to the prediction model. While the model was statistically significant, it provides a limited explanation for the incidence of concussion and the risk of concussion among college soccer athletes is not associated with any specific position played.

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