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Fall 2023

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Psychology, option Academic Research

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Dr. Amanda Hahn

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Dr. Ethan Gahtan

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HSU Faculty or Staff

Third Committee Member Name

Sally Hang, M.A.

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Community Member or Outside Professional


Immune system, Cytokines


Previous research has shown that simply viewing a pathogenic threat (e.g., a photo of someone sneezing) can trigger our immune systems to activate. Activation of the immune system can be measured through a variety of physiological markers, including inflammatory cells (i.e., cytokines) in the blood or saliva. The current study aims to replicate that finding that viewing pathogen-relevant images will trigger an immune response, and extend this work by investigating whether individual differences in perceived vulnerability to disease impacts the size of this immune response.

Citation Style

Rosales-Vijil, E. (2023)



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