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Summer 2023

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Master of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology, option Teaching/Coaching

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David Adams

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Rock Braithwaite

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Jill Anderson

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HSU Faculty or Staff


Autism spectrum disorder, Self-determination theory, Physical activity, Exercise

Subject Categories

Physical Education


This study aims to increase the duration of treadmill walking to reach moderate intensity levels for 2 students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The researcher incorporated a token-economy board that was used to indicate total time walking and walking goals. A single case changing-criterion design was used in this study and consisted of a baseline, multiple sub-criteria intervention phase, and a follow-up phase. Results showed that there was a positive relationship between the intervention and the total walking time for each participant. Each participant met the criterion for each phase, eventually leading to meeting their overall goal for the study. Throughout the study Participant 2 reached moderate intensity levels 43.9% of the total time in the study. This study may be of importance to provide a reference for an intervention that may lead to a healthier lifestyle and changing behaviors for the participants with ASD.

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