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Master of Arts degree with a major in English, emphasis in Applied English Studies

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In the past three decades, the term post-capitalism has found its way into several disciplines ranging from economics to feminist studies. Over these years, its use and definition have made a noticeable shift, from a focus on grassroots resistance meant to carve out noncapitalist spaces within a capitalist system to a focus on utilizing modern technology like automation and universal basic income to demand more freedom for the working class. This project traces the academic discourses of postcapitalism in the United States today. I analyze who is using the term and how to understand postcapitalism’s place in a larger movement/series of conversations meant to ignite our imaginations and to build a brighter future. I also analyze the word itself and the implications of a postcapitalist future. The project pulls from a wide and varied list of sources from scholars who use Anthropology and Sociology to scholars who use Marxist or Black Feminist Stand-point theory to best interrogate and historicize the term and its use in academic circles.

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