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Spring 2022

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Psychology, option Academic Research

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Christopher Walmsley

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Mary Clare Bonow

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Conversation skills, Behavioral skills training, Video modeling, Telehealth

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the current state of education children have limited access to an environment where they can practice conversational skills with people outside of their immediate family. Traditionally, children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a difficult time independently learning these skills, even in an environment that is ripe with social interaction(Grosberg & Charlop, 2017). The current study sought to use behavioral skills training, modeling, and prompting to teach the skills of responding to questions, asking questions, and changing the topic to one learner with ASD over telehealth. The study was conducted over three phases. The first phase consisted of collecting baseline data on the target behaviors. The second was a one-on-one intervention, where the researcher used video modeling to teach the participant one or more of the target conversational skills, they then practiced having conversation and the researcher provided the learner with feedback. These lessons continued, intervening on one behavior at a time until a stable rate of responding was observed. The final phase consisted of a maintenance and generalization assessment. Maintenance sessions occurred two weeks following the intervention and four generalization probes occurred in the home with different people during the final week of the intervention. The results indicate that these conversation skills can be learned through the one-on-one telehealth intervention, can maintain over time, and generalize to real world setting.

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