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Spring 2021

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Education

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Dr. Libbi Miller

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Dr. Kenny Richards

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Rural schools account for nearly 25% of the K-12 student population across the United States. With such a significant portion of the school system located in rural schools, the learning outcomes in these schools will inevitable impact the broader school system in the United States. This study looks to investigate a small selection of these rural schools in Colorado. This study investigates the broad question of, what is the school climate of math instruction in small, rural districts in Colorado. A survey of Administrators in rural schools across Colorado was conducted to assess what are the attitudes and perceptions towards mathematics in these rural schools. This survey collected a rather homogenous picture of the population of rural schools across Colorado and most students in these schools struggled to have positive attitudes and perceptions towards mathematics despite administrators and teachers having positive attitudes and perceptions towards mathematics instruction. This spread of how far staff and students are from each other’s attitudes and perceptions could be a result of how much time administrative teams focus on school culture practices and goals on developing intrinsic potential.

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