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Spring 2021

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Major donors, Higher education, Motivation factors, Fund development, Fundraising, Philanthropy

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Higher education has relied on private philanthropy since the establishment of the first universities in the U.S. This reliance has increased over the decades as a result of rising costs and decreased government investment. As such, it has become more critical to better understand what factors motivate philanthropists to increase their support of higher education; including direct support for teaching and research and increasing financial support for those students otherwise not able to pursue secondary education. However, much of the existing data focuses only on point-of-philanthropic-act, and neglects to examine motivational factors of long-term donors that have progressively increased their giving. The objective of this study was to better understand two key factors: 1) why a donor may increase their giving, and 2) why continue contributing to the same university over the years. This study included a qualitative survey of major donors from a mid-sized, private, faith-based university. Five themes emerged from which three conclusions were derived: (1) donors’ core values and their identification with the organization’s mission; (2) trust, transparency, and the tenuous nature of the relationship between a donor and the organization; and (3) responsibilities of university leadership in philanthropy. These data suggest that integration of these factors in higher education donor relations may serve to better meet the increasing reliance on continued and increased private investment.

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