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Master of Science degree with a major in Biology

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Lumbriculus variegatus is a freshwater annelid that is well known for its regenerative capacity. There are many different factors that affect regeneration in animals. Cell-to-cell communication is a key component of regeneration. Gap junctions are made up of proteins that create a channel that connects the cytoplasm of two cells. Many molecules and ions pass through the gap junctions that can affect regeneration. The purpose of this study was to determine if blocking gap junctions would have an impact on regenerating body segments of L. variegatus and what effects it would produce. L. variegatus was exposed to a known gap junction blocker, octanol, for differing time periods following transection, then measured and photographed for six days. Worms treated with octanol experienced regenerative growth that was notably slower and also resulted in abnormal morphology of the regenerated tail. Octanol is known to leave the system immediately after treatment is taken away; however, L. variegatus did not show immediate recovery of growth when placed back into pond water. It is not clear whether there is a critical time period for exposure to octanol that affects regeneration; however, the duration of the exposure corresponded to the severity of abnormal morphology. The observations of the outcome of gap junction blockage on regenerative growth will contribute to the on-going research in areas of biology related to regeneration and gap junction communication.

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