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Master of Science degree with a major in Natural Resources, option Forestry, Watershed, & Wildland Sciences

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Natural Resources


This paper contributes to an understanding of the social implications of using UAS in natural resource areas; specifically, the ways in which these tools impact human constructed sense of place. This paper draws on in-depth interviews and document analysis to (a) develop an understanding of place meanings held among Mono Basin stakeholders and (b) define the ways in which increased UAS presence may interact with these visions of place.

In short, this research shows that sense of place in this rural area is influential in the way that UAS are received by local stakeholders. The changing nature of place meanings in the Mono Basin caused tension for many of the participants in this study. Furthermore, the struggle to shape these dynamic place meanings is cause for conflict both between stakeholders and with the outside world. UAS may be incompatible with place meanings that many in the basin value such as wilderness, solitude, and separation from the global flows of capital. This research indicates that land managers should use thoughtful consideration and take measures to mitigate these negative consequences when introducing UAS as a management tool.

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