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Summer 2018

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Education

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Eric Van Duzer

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Hyun-Kyung You

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The language in a child’s environment either supports or weakens the growth of conflict resolution skills. A study using the language sampled from three early childhood educators, (two in family childcare homes and one in a childcare center) found that those in family child care programs reported stronger beliefs that children can solve problems, teachers support the development of problem solving skills, and conflict can create opportunities for learning than was recorded in practice. This was determined with a frequency count of unilateral strategies employed during perceived conflict. The third participant in a childcare center demonstrated congruency between questionnaire-reported positive beliefs and recorded practice determined by a higher frequency count of bilateral strategies employed. The results suggest further investigation needs to be conducted evaluating the influence of program structure, education and training, and implementation of reflective practice on increasing the congruency between guidance beliefs and language used during perceived conflict.

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