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Summer 2018

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Social Science, Environment and Community

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Erin Kelly

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Laurie Richmond

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Sungnome Madrone

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Environment and Community


In the Mattole River Watershed of northern California, in response to a history of resource extraction, poor land-management practices, and the back-to-the-land movement, a restoration economy has emerged. This economy includes nonprofit watershed groups, individual landowners, local residents, state and federal agencies, foundations and for-profit consulting firms. Utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research methods, this study seeks to reveal how the 40-year community-based restoration economy in the Mattole Watershed has contributed to community well-being and local livelihoods, and how it has changed over time. Results suggest the restoration economy has contributed to a resilient and vibrant community and has enhanced community capitals – specifically human, social, cultural and political capital. Results further indicate that existing stocks of human and cultural capital enabled the development of the restoration economy, and that there is a circular and reciprocal relationship between community-based restoration and community capitals. This study concludes there are multiple challenges (or perhaps opportunities) ahead – including changes associated with the legalization of cannabis and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

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