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Master of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology, option Exercise Science

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In spite of an intuitive relationship between running technique and performance, the influence of specific techniques on metabolic cost remains unclear. While recent studies suggest that postural lean affects metabolic cost during level ground running, little information exists regarding the influence of postural lean on the metabolic cost of running on an incline slope. Purpose: This study sought to investigate the effect of postural lean on metabolic cost, kinematics, and muscle activation of running across a range of incline slopes. Methods: Sixteen healthy adult runners (21±2 years, 8M/8F) of different competitive standards participated in twelve running trials on a motorized treadmill at a speed of 6.0 mph (2.68 ms-1) with varying incline slopes (0%, 4% and 8%) and postural leans (preferred, 0°, 4.5° and 9°). Metabolic power, kinematics, and muscle activation data were recorded for all trials. Results: Increasing postural lean angle across a range of incline slopes had no effect on metabolic cost (p=0.329). Leaning forward increased peak flexion of the hip, knee, ankle dorsiflexion and pelvic angle during the stance phase (p

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