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Anne Fricke is a local poet. Originally from the midwest, she moved to Humboldt County in 2001. Her works include "The Orchard's Descendant." David Holper is a writer, poet and teacher at College of the Redwoods. He served at the city of Eureka's inaugural poet laureate (2019-2020). Holper has published several books of poetry. He has published stories in Grand Street, the New Virginia Review, and Callaloo.


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David Holper and Anne Fricke. Poems in Humboldt County. September 20, 2020.

Table of Context:

L.F. Allen, Refugee

R. Allen, Raptured

G. Bee, The Morning of April 7th after COVID-19

M. Bickford, The Following

S. Bigham, Weathering the Storm

L. Birdsong, No More Doing To Be Done

S. Bloch-Welliver, White Fog

S. Brooks, Virulent

W. Butler, Personal neuroses and pandemic

D.N. Chinn, In the Shadow of Waiting

L. Crist, An Introvert Laments

D. Collins, Meet me on the Corner

T. Fitzmaurice, April 18, 2020

J. Floss, The Trouble with Pebble

M. Franco, Do What You Love

A. Fricke, Rehearsal may be Over

S. Gallidorfer, Alone in Quarantine

M. Genger, Blame

S. Gibson, What I did not know I needed in 5 parts

K. Harris, Cherry Sutra

K. Hellium, Surrender

D. Holper, Bord for En

I. Jewett, Pandemic

D. Kearns, Greaving our Whole Family

Z. Levinson, Psalm for Surreal Ceremony

J. Marak, Distancing

J. Martien, Prayer

P. McCutcheon, Gaia's Rage

K. Nunes-Siciliani, This Wasn't Supposed to be a Love Poem

V. Peloso, Latex Gloves

W. Schmit, I Startle Osprey

J. Shermis, Dreams of Light

J. Suskin, The Choice of Service

N. Tarpey, A Lot on Her Plate

D. Tisdell, What Covid Took from Me

I. Unsinger, Connection Failure

R. Lenning, Grapefruit in a Global Pandemic

A. Veronese, The Ceiling Stares Back (but never answers)

J. Williams, Lost in Calamity

A. Wood, Covideo