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My name is Marianna (Mari) Lee Agaton Pantaleo, and at the time of this oral history recording, I am twenty-three years old. I am a student at Humboldt State, and I am an Art History major and Anthropology minor. I moved to Arcata in 2015, and have lived here since then. I interview Claire Iris Schencke, who goes by Iris. Iris, at the time of the recording, is seventy-seven years old. She lives in Bayside, in Arcata, and she has lived in the area since 1985.




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Claire Iris Schencke is an artist living and working in the Arcata area. This interview asks her to describe the way that COVID-19 has affected her work as an artist and how she sees Humboldt County’s artistic community being affected by COVID. Specifically, she discusses the way that local galleries have been affected by the shutdown, how the shutdown has affected artists who rely on being able to interact with people physically, and Schencke describes the ways in which her art has evolved due to isolation from family, friends, and collaborators.

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