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Siobhan Tierney is a History Major at Cal Poly Humboldt undertaking an internship to develop the skill set of an Oral Historian. Jason Buck is a nurse who graduated into the Covid-19 crisis and witnessed firsthand the changes of the Pandemic. Buck describes fear and anxiety both in young students entering the Pandemic and older, veteran nurses, some of whom saw the havoc wrought by the AIDS crisis. Alice Peterson similarly graduated into the Pandemic and had to come to grips with the uncomfortable position of policing people in the store she works at over masks and some of the other logistical hurdles that came as a result of Covid-19.


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Siobhan Tierney, a History Major at Cal Poly Humboldt, meets with Essential Workers to try and understand how Pandemic has effected their workplace and their lives. Jason Buck is a practicing nurse at Providence Saint Joseph Health, graduating into the medical profession during the Pandemic, they witnessed firsthand the changes in logistics and practice as Covid-19 took over. We discuss the nursing profession and how it has changed with the science as we learn more about Covid-19. Alice Peterson is a clerk and grocer at Wildberries Marketplace, she had the boon of steady employment through the pandemic as an Essential Worker, and she had to quarantine a total of three times in the course of her career. She discusses the discomfort of becoming someone who polices masking and other struggles for a worker in the grocery industry during Pandemic.


A surprising aspect of both interviews for me was how little the supply chain disruption affected both Jason and Alice. For Jason Buck there was rationing of things like paper cups and other elements but he didn't see it as too different from operating outside of Pandemic. The most he could think of in terms of affectation was, as an example, they didn't have pre-mixed medications. So he and other nurses would have to mix medications manually in a bag, medication which is every bit as good as pre-mixed, so he feels like it's "picking knit" to use his words. Alice Peterson said that there was only one afternoon where Wildberries Marketplace lacked toilet paper, and during that afternoon the Store's Managers actually started to sell their own stock, but it was alleviated the next day. Though she said there were a few shortages, notably there seemed to be a baking trend, so there were times when all the yeast was sold out.