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Humboldt Holding Up

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"Over the past few years, whenever there’s been a fire, a shooting, or a major car crash in the greater Eureka area, there’s a good chance you’d find Nazy Javid on the scene doing what she can to let her community know what’s up. Through a combination of hustle and charm, Javid has built herself a loyal audience since joining North Coast News in 2016, both on television and on Facebook.

On this week’s edition of Humboldt Holding Up — the Outpost‘s minimal-hustle, no-charm podcast — we Zoom it up with Nazy to find out what motivates her and her North Coast News team. “I think our mission is to be an advocate for our viewers, to hold public officials accountable, to hold the powerful accountable, to be a voice for folks who don’t have one,” says Javid.

Other topics on this week’s podcast include:

  • How it came to be that she bucked the trend of TV news people using Humboldt as a stepping stone and made a home here
  • The outpouring of support she received from Humboldt after her family fled here following 2018’s Camp Fire
  • Lessons from her father, who himself fled revolution-era Iran and ended up opening a pizza restaurant in California
  • Juggling her social media and news director duties while attempting to ignore non-constructive criticism online
  • How faith, recovery and family inspired her to “Choose Happy” (which happens to be the name of her own fledgling podcast)"