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"For the past 20 years, Anne Holcomb has served as executive director of local nonprofit Food For People, helping the Humboldt food bank see to it that community members always have enough to eat.

“If you come in and tell us that you need food then you’re going to get some food,” said Holcomb on this week’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up. That sentiment has held true even during this past pandemic year, surely one of the most challenging in Food For People’s history which saw the organization displaced from its main food storage facility even while they experienced unprecedented turnout at their food distribution events.

Click the audio player above to hear Holcomb chat with LoCO’s Andrew Goff and Stephanie McGeary on a number of topics, including:

  • How she found her way from Maine to her Humboldt home
  • The history of Food for People and how she sees its current role
  • How COVID has forced her team to redesign their distribution model
  • “The Great Poop Storm of 2020” that forced Food For People out of their main facility in Eureka
  • Food for People’s current programs
  • Ways Humboldt residents can get involved and volunteer"