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Terri Clark provided the fabric and cut 100s of squares. She framed each submitted square with black fabric, assembled everything, and sewed the quilt together. Ann Kilby cut 100s of squares out of paper for children. She also assembled hundreds of kits for distribution across the county Susan Parsons is the Arcata Librarian who helped promote this project throughout the county.


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"I have a vision for Humboldt County. I want to use libraries to distribute 5" quilt pieces to anyone who'd like one, starting June 1 (2020), when we kick off our summer reading program, whose theme is: "Reading Colors Your World."

We would use library book drops to gather finished pieces by July 31/early August (2020). Then, with help from county quilter/seamstress volunteers, the fabric pieces would get sewn together and the paper pieces would get pasted into a Covid Commemorative Quilt, a visual history of how we as a community have made it through the past year. " The Commemorative Quilt committee consists of 5 local quilters, 2 staff at The Sanctuary, and the Eureka Youth Services Librarian Jeanine Lancaster. The completed quilt was exhibited at the Arcata Branch of the Humboldt County Library for the month of October 2021.

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An article sharing the press release from the Humboldt County Library looking for quilt square participants.