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"Hello my name is Viviana Sanchez I am a student at Humboldt State University and this is my last semester of undergrad! I am from Visalia, CA in the Central Valley. So if you know where Fresno is, I am 45 minutes East from there. I am very sad to say I do not live in Humboldt County, but when I did for school I loved it so much! I am a Sociology major with a minor in an Anthropology. I hope to pursue a career in Social Work or with Mental Health Wellness. Those I interviewed for this project are personal relationships who have become some of my greatest friends. They mean so much to me and I am thankful for their participation in helping me with this project. Overall, I would say 100 years from now, these people have been strong through COVID-19 and will continue to fight this fight that we are all fighting."




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  • "The overview of my project was to a look into a student or resident of Humboldt County in their day to day lives, their outlook on COVID-19, and how it has affected them mentally.
  • Items that were talked about that are related to COVID-19, are the challenges they faced and the impact it has put on them either mentally, financially, or physically.
  • The participants live in both Eureka and Arcata which help to get a feel or both cities and the outlook COVID has on them either in the major or minor city.
  • The main subjects in my study were personal relationships I had made along the way while attending Humboldt State University. I am very grateful for their participation especially when it comes to something so dark. I wanted to look into the aspect of a student and/or residents mental health and how it has been affected because of COVID-19."


"My focus was to look at the impact that COVID-19 had on residents or student mentally. I think when it comes to mental health it is sometimes overlooked because we of course are trying to not become sick from COVID-19 however that may have drove some people off the edge and that might have been overlooked. I hope for further research we can look deeper into how isolation has affected students/faculty/residents/ and all citizens of the world. Mental health has become a more popular topic, but is still being pushed under the rug so my hope for my few oral histories is to encourage more people to go out and look into the mental health of the human race during COVID-19."