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My name is Ray Ramirez and I am a Criminology and Justice Studies Student at Humboldt University. I am from Los Angeles and during the pandemic, I am living in Los Angeles. The person who is giving their oral story is Heidi Andino.


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The oral story video that is given was given by Heidi Andino. Heidi during the time of Covid-19 lives in Arcata. Heidi included race, school work, and much more in her oral story. Heidi wanted to make a statement of who she is for this project that is not included in the video. Heidi includes that she identifies as Queer, Latina, and is first generation who is low income. She comes from a part of Los Angeles which is known as Southcentral, or as she refers to it as the "hood". At Humboldt State Heidi chose the major of Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies with an emphasis in Women Studies. She is also a double minor in Family Studies and Anthropology. Heidi would also like to mention that she loves to read literature that allows the mind to dream of another.