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My name is Forrest Estes and I am an anthropology student at HSU. I currently live in Arcata, California, and have lived here for five years. I interviewed Mariah Garcia, a Humboldt State University alumni, who graduated Fall of 2020 with a degree in cultural anthropology. Garcia is originally from the California Central Valley and has been living in Arcata for three years. She was a member of the Planned Parenthood Generation Action Club as well as ITEPP.




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Mariah Garcia was finishing up her last two semesters at Humboldt State when COVID-19 hit in the spring of 2020. In this interview, she mentions her struggles with the pandemic and how she felt as though it had taken away her last semesters of school. Garcia talks about her depression and how she struggled during April and May of 2020 due to quarantine. Although she mentions how she felt as though the COVID experience was mostly a negative one, she felt as though it helped her grow as a person.