The goal of this paper is to discuss the ways that the conversation around climate action can be altered to center finding joy and community. Often when people hear about the state of the climate there is a sense of dread that people have reported feeling. Most people feel as though the climate has reached the point of no return and that there is nothing that any one person can do to really make a difference. This paper will talk about some ways that have worked for people in getting them to do climate action while also enjoying the work that needs to be done. Some topics that will be discussed are environmental communication as well as climate action in specific communities. There will also be an analysis on how the conversation of climate change has been handled in the past and why it makes people feel as though there is no hope. By using examples of communities that have found a way to participate in climate action, the goal will be that everyone can feel like they can take part in caring for the climate while also caring for themselves.


Spring 2024




Dr. Armeda Reitzel

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