This paper intends to go into detail about the differences in communication styles found in public and community radio. Drawing on communication theories and previous empirical research, this paper will not only delve into the differences between the two categories of stations but also into the effect these types of communication styles can have on the listeners and communities targeted by these stations at large. Through a review of multiple forms of literature and academic resources, this paper will examine the roles of community and public radio as outlets for news coverage, promoting civic engagement, and as a platform for discussion about the local area around the station. This paper will additionally go into detail about the challenges these stations face due to advancements in technology, shifting preferences in programming, and a constantly changing media landscape. This paper aims to give a cohesive explanation of the differences in communication and programming in these types of stations, as well as how those styles of communication are forced to change with shifts in societal wants and needs in regard to what radio stations offer.


Spring 2024




Dr. Armeda Reitzel

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