This report details a study assessing the fish assemblages of a recently restored estuarine salt marsh site, and a similar unrestored and impacted site along the Eel River estuary. These two sites are located within the Eel River (Wiya’t) estuary, roughly 10 miles west of the city of Fortuna, CA. This study was conducted during the months of September through October 2023. Data collection was done through seine net dragging at randomly selected sample points across both sites. Seine net hauls were recorded by species and species count, which were later computed using a diversity index to provide values representative of diversity for each haul. When testing for a significant difference in diversity between the two sites, a T-test was used to determine that there was in fact no significant difference in the fish assemblage data that was collected at the unrestored site and the restored site (p-value


Fall 2023


Environmental Science & Management


Ecological Restoration


Daniel Lipe

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