Understanding the relationship between intercultural communication, international communication, and the proper way to discuss sensitive topics (infertility, surrogacy, LGBTQ+) in the surrogacy industry leads to strong communication. When communicating internationally or interculturally, there may be challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences, and cultural taboos. In order to avoid uncomfortable situations or miscommunication, knowing how to change the way we communicate with Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) is a necessity to navigate important conversations. In the surrogacy industry, knowing how to communicate interculturally and being culturally competent about sensitive topics such as infertility or loss can determine the success of a surrogacy journey and change a client's life hopefully positively. To show respect and support for others, it is important to approach these topics carefully and with knowledge. When discussing sensitive topics interculturally, the way we communicate changes from our dialog, vocabulary, tone, and approach. By consciously being aware of the changes that must be made, trust can be built when discussing sensitive topics and by showing someone your support, avoiding miscommunication, or misunderstandings due to differences in culture, sensitive topics can be better communicated interculturally.


Spring 2024




Dr. Armeda Reitzel

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