The main focus of this research paper is to not only bring awareness to what gentrification represents but the history of it. Where it came from plus how and why it was implemented. I will dig deep on how gentrification was brought to be. Not only that but I will bring up reference points from scholars that have attended Oxford University, Harvard University, and directors of high profile economic organizations. Overall, this paper will consist of three topics intertwining colonialism and gentrification. These three topics are economic exploitation, cultural hegemony, & social disruption. As well as gentrification you do see these three involved with colonialism. At first glance gentrification is sought to be a horrible thing but a lot could be said as to how beneficial it can be. That is the sole purpose of this research I have acquired for this paper. Not only that but I’d like to bring awareness of the consequences of this choice of method that is constantly used. Just as there are lots of benefits from gentrification there are lots of cons.


Spring 2024




Dr. Armeda Reitzel

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