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Beth Greene is a Ph.D. candidate in the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program at North Carolina State University. Her academic interests lie in writing studies, writing program administration, and research methods and methodologies. She has been teaching composition courses at multiple institutions for six years, either as a part-time instructor or as a graduate teaching assistant, which is what prompted her initial interest in academic labor studies. Outside of academia, she loves video games, crafts, and cats.


While much attention is given to undergraduate students with disabilities, far less is devoted to graduate students, particularly those who also act as faculty: Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). This article discusses issues of accessibility encountered by these contingent faculty members, specifically GTAs who have invisible disabilities, and how approaching discussions of contingency and disability with an ethos of transparent vulnerability—a level of transparency that necessarily leads to vulnerability—can help combat the stigma that continues to surround contingency and disability in higher education.



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