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Jessica Rose Corey currently teaches writing at Duke University. Her research interests involve feminist rhetorics and feminist activist literacies, rhetorics of silence, multimodal composition, and composition pedagogy. She has taught a variety of lower- and upper-division courses in expository, research, business, argumentative, public, and creative writing, as well as multimodal composing.

Barbara George teaches English Composition at Kent State-Salem. Her composition research interests include developmental reading and writing, writing across the disciplines, professional and technical writing, and digital media. Her research interests also include environmental communication, rhetorical and discourse analysis of environmental movements and texts, and environmental literacies.


Increasingly, service-learning, community-engaged projects, or community-engaged learning are encouraged in higher education as part of HIPs, or High Impact Practices. While the authors' experiences with service-learning or community-engaged learning in our composition courses have been positive, and while student engagement is generally acknowledged as a desirable outcome of any pedagogy, we posit that there are questions about the labor system needed to sustain such practices. We use narratives to reflect upon our experiences holding various identity positions within academia (from graduate student, adjunct, to NTT and TT positions), and research about the work involved with community engaged projects, to interrogate the invisible labor of such projects within composition. By making these labor practices explicit, we can theorize and, just as importantly, practice more equitable and sustainable community-engaged projects in composition.



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