Mission Statement

Humboldt State University Press publishes high-quality, open-access scholarly, intellectual, and creative works by or in support of our campus community. HSU Press operations and publications support the HSU mission and vision to improve the human condition and our environment by promoting understanding of social, economic, and environmental issues.


Humboldt State University Press will be a sustainable academic-friendly publisher dedicated to improving the human condition, environment, and our community.

Publication Model

Humboldt State University Press publishes in open-access in support of student, faculty, staff, alumni, and community authors and researchers. HSU Press is a non-profit service of the Humboldt State University Library and is supported by dedicated members of the campus community and Library Scholar Internships.


Humboldt State University Press can provide layout, editorial, and peer-review services. Services are set with prior agreement and provided at the discretion of HSU Press. HSU Press does not provide for print distribution, but the author may establish a print-on-demand account, with royalties paid at the author’s discretion. HSU Press will setup and manage print-on-demand only if royalties are designated to support HSU Press.


Humboldt State University Press will work with the author to create promotional materials. We will market the book on campus and will work with authors to select up to 100 local and national outlets for email notifications.


Humboldt State University Press is a non-profit service supported by donations from community members. To contribute to this vital service, please go the giving page and contribute to the Affordable Textbook Trust.


Kyle Morgan, Scholarly Communications and Digital Scholarship Librarian, Kyle.Morgan@humboldt.edu. (707) 826-5602.