Redwood Roots Digital Magazine


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Humboldt State University’s Redwood Roots magazine. When we came up with the idea for this magazine, we wanted to highlight the many wonderful ways that students, faculty and community partners are engaging in community-based learning practices in and around Humboldt County. This project was a huge endeavor and we are grateful to our partners, both ongoing, such as the HSU Library Press team and the shorter term partners that donated their time to submit articles, develop the concept and layout for this magazine, and their many other contributions. We began this project in the fall of 2018 and are extremely proud to have it launch in the spring of 2020.

In the last year and a half, we have had numerous discussions about the format, purpose, content, and direction of the magazine. What we could not have en-visioned was that our target timeframe to launch would be amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We briefly discussed transitioning this edition to relay what was happening during COVID-19. We decided, however, to continue with our original plan for this spring and focus our fall 2020 edition on the many creative ways that community-based learning practices were able to continue in a remote and rapidly changing environment. So, enjoy this original edition and look for our fall edition that will highlight HSU’s amazing students, faculty and community partners and how they came together (virtually) in a time of crisis to positively impact the students’ education and the community we live in and love



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