About csuglobal



csuglobal is an online journal focused on California’s engagement in the world with three types of content: a current affairs ‘zine, an interdisciplinary academic journal, and a platform for international education and pedagogy. All three sections will highlight California’s increasingly global role by reflecting the mission of the CSU as a forum for public debate and a teaching institution by showcasing the expertise of our faculty and students, staff and administrators.


The California State University system is perhaps unique in the world given the depth and breadth of its expertise. While the CSU mission is primarily to educate, mentor and serve its students, as a publicly funded institution, our audience and our impact are effectively the entire state of California. This online journal will take advantage of a digital format to offer free access to the content developed by faculty, staff and students.

The caricature of California as a “state of mind” has become a post-modern/post-pandemic reality. California is not only a state within a larger national entity, but an international actor in its own right with both internal and external stakeholders - who hold sometimes conflicting claims to sovereignty. California is simultaneously place and space - real and virtual - many identities and one - history and future. Each layer is complex and contested. This new journal is rooted in the fields of global or international studies, but in the interdisciplinary spirit of these areas, this journal will seek to use a broader understanding of a “global” approach as our touchstone and will encourage the submission of three broad types of content. This journal will help develop a more robust understanding of what it means to be truly “global” in the 21st century.

Content Areas

I. csuglobalCA is a ‘zine designed to highlight the local/global connections operating in California today. Content will discuss current affairs and investigate issues of international importance by examining the developments and trends in California’s global activities, profile and identity. Articles are not limited to, but will commonly cover political, economic, and cultural events and issues and their impact on the state - or California’s impact on the world. Articles will typically be 1,000 - 1,500 words and accepted and published on a rolling basis throughout the year.

II. csuglobaljournal is the heart of this online publication and will feature scholarly articles, reports and studies from CSU faculty, staff and students. Each piece should address a global issue or the global impact of a domestic issue. Authors are encouraged to reach beyond traditional boundaries and engage with colleagues in areas other than their traditional/home discipline.

The journal contains four distinct themes intended to be inclusive while also intentionally creating overlap and even tension between areas. Articles will typically be 2,500 – 4,000 words. Submissions are accepted throughout the year, with publication on a rolling basis.

Theme 1: Society, Culture and Identity
  • Language as Culture and Survival
  • Human Expression in Literature and the Arts
  • Movement: Migrations and Diasporas
  • Race, Gender and Inequality
  • Religion, Spirituality, Secularism and Ethics
  • Memory of the Past/History of the Future
Theme 2: Institutions, Structures and Power
  • Global governance, IGOs, NGOs and Justice
  • Diplomacy, Borders and Citizenship
  • Security, Cooperation, Peace and Conflict
  • Legacies of the Past – Imperialism and Neo-colonialism
  • Agents and Structures – Multi-plural Nations and Sovereignt(ies)
  • Forced Movements – Refugees, Human Trafficking, Statelessness, Internally Displaced Persons
Theme 3: Networks of Economy and Trade
  • International Markets – Domestic Disasters
  • Sustainable Local and Global Communities
  • Development and Underdevelopment
  • Global Political Economy and International Business
  • Culture and Consumption
  • The Limitations of Growth: Economy and Environment
Theme 4: Scientific Essentials and Sustainable Environments
  • Health and Society
  • Digital Societies – Big data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Common Space – Ecological Footprints, Atmospheres, Biospheres, Eco-spheres
  • Biological Diversity and Danger Signs
  • Planning Food Systems – Security and Sovereignty
  • Build and Design – Urbanization, Structure and Resilience

III. csuglobalaction – is a space to share and promote experiential and hands-on learning pedagogy, staff engagement and resources across the CSU system and within a global context. In keeping with the CSU mission, this section is dedicated to teaching excellence, student success and classroom experience. Topics such as international service learning and internships, best practices in study abroad as well as the issues of infusing our classroom pedagogy with global perspectives and relevant case studies will be core to this section. Articles will typically be 2,000 – 3,000 words and accepted throughout the year and initially published on an annual basis (October).